• Ananascomosus

    Locally known as 'Kannara' comes under the species Ananascomosus..

  • Pleasantaroma

    The fruit is having a pleasantaroma, have a slightly conical shape

  • Andgolden Yellow

    Fruit flesh is crisp andgolden yellow in colour, juice is sweet with 14-160 brix.

  • Energy

    It is a good source of carotene, vitamins minerals and energy.

Welcome to Vazhakulam Pineapple

The pineapple cultivated by the farmers of Vazhakulam is the sweetest pineapple available in India. Hence Vazhakulam is also known as the city of Pineapple. Mauritius is the main variety cultivated in Kerala and Kew variety is rarely grown.

About Us

To carry on the business of cultivation, farming, production, processing, trading, buying, selling, marketing, exporting, supplying, distributing and otherwise dealing in pineapple and value added pineapple products and manufacturing and processing of fibre and other by-productsfrom pineapple leaves and waste, in India and abroad.

Our Services

Promotion of scientific and hi-tech farming including hydroponic and green house cultivation, undertaking research and development activities for the development of new varieties of pineapple and new pineapple based products.

Pure Organic @ Vazhakulam

Pure Organic @ Vazhakulam Pure Organic Vazhakulam Pineapple. 20mt ready to harvest within 15 days. Thanks to KAU, Dr.KP Kuriakose, PRS Vazhakulam, CRS Pampadumpara, Dept.of agriculture GoK and Camson Bio Technologies.